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Is my boyfriend cheating on me Sollog?

A fan named Astrella has asked me this question.

Well Astrella I get asked this many times, is my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife cheating on me.

Next to questions on health and money and love, it is what people want to know.

Most humans that ask this, already know the answer.

Now ‘cheating’ may be defined differently by each human, for example the Sus Scrofa or PIG named William Clinton could easily pass a lie detector test if asked, did he have sex with Monica Lewinsky.

He looked the world in the eye and said I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN (Monica Lewinsky).

Now in Bill Clintons twisted mind, he defined sexual interncourse as the only thing that could mean SEX. So having oral sex with a young intern was not sex and when she produced the infamous blue dress with his semen on it, he had to explain what his twisted mind meant by he didn’t have ‘sex’.

Now Bill Clinton’s twisted mind was influenced by the Bible, and how sex was defined by varous religious leaders over history.

Perhaps the most honest human to ever be a US President who was named James Carter or Jimmy Carter defined cheating or ‘lust’ as the bible did as well. Just looking at a woman sexually to Mr. Carter was Lust or Sin, and in his mind it was cheating.

Sadly Astrella, humans are programmed through millennia of DNA selection to feel the need to breed. So humans are not born to be absolutely faithful as Mr. Carter would agree.

So Astreall recognize the faults within all humans, they are prgrammed by DNA to feel the need to BREED so they will be aroused often by new people who their DNA is selecting for them as potential mates to BREED.

So will you ever find a ‘faithful’ boyfriend or husband or relationship?

Not if you define cheating as Jimmy Carter did.

Focus more on the positive side of your relationship, how does your boyfriend treat you overall? Has he ever hit you? Is he verbally, mentally or physically abusive to you.

Do you really love being in his company?

When you go out, does his eye wander? If you see him occassionally eyeing other females in your presence, GIVE HIM A STIFF HARD ELBOW in his ribs.

This is how you train men to RESPECT YOU in public.

Don’t cause a fist fight, but let him know, when he is with you, his universe revolves around the beauty of your being.

I can see your aura just by focusing in on you via this question, you are as magnificent as your name. Literally the ancient way to say a STAR.

If you learn to DEMAND RESPECT from your mate, you will get it. Will he ever stop looking at pretty females? Probably not.

So become aware of his penchant for looking.

Let him KNOW IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE if that is what you want.

Now, some females appreciate the beauty of other females. So if your nature is so inclined and you see him eyeing up another pretty female, take the reins and go right up to that female and introduce yourself My name is Asrealla and my boyfriend is captivated by your beauty So am I, what is your name.

Then if you so desire, you can perhaps involve his eyes desire in a playful interaction between her and him and YOU.

So a wise female understands, that a man’s human nature is haveĀ  a wandering eye. It is also female nature to share a powerful male like Lionesses do in the wild.

So if you man is an alpha-male that other beautiful females are attracted to, take the lead and feed his earthly interests.

You will find the other beautiful females you meet will be better friends in the long term than an alpha-male who quickly loses his looks and will soon have no animal magnetism to attrack so many females.

Become the alpha-female that understands there is more to life than a desire to have what humans cannot give, blind faithfulness.

You will find great freindship in life with other beautiful females that realize how above and beyond human ‘nature’ you are.

If you do this, your boyfriend will either learn YOU ARE IN CONTROL and how lucky he is, and you will know who he is really fooling around with, since it will be done with your approval and your knowledge in your presence.

Is this cheating?

Not when you’re part of the fun.

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By the #1 Psychic SOLLOG

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