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What are we?

Asked by Jeff from Florida at Ask Sollog

What are we? Asked Jeff rom Florida in the Ask Sollog Blog.

Silum Sul Jeff (Health and Light in Ancient Sumerican)

I assume you mean humans in general?

Well all life Jeff is energy. Spirit is energy as the ancients understood man’s spiritual nature.

Energy is all there is.

Energy permeates every living thing.

Many humans have had NDE’s or Near Death Experiences.

What do they see?

The great white light.

Think of energy as an infinite sea of white light, your essence is but a drop of that sea and your existence is one of a joined shared experience of inter-galatic wandering.

All life eminates from the sea of infinite energy and all energy returns ‘home’ upon it’s temporal journey through the vast reaches of all space/time/matter/energy/experience.

Humans are born into this plane with a blank memory of their astral energy origin. However, their experiences in this plane are predestined, as part of a controlled learning experince.

Some believe in ‘free will’, I do not, at least not on the human level, if you research PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD you will see how the cracks in the inter-galactic matrix have appeared in this plane and that is why a being like myself can travel through the astral dimension and view historic past, present and future events from an astral energy point of view.

I have given humanity the wisdom to learn in this dimension the truth of my words by books stuch as ASTRAL CRYSTALS.

By learning to astral meditate you too can learn how to do an OBE or Out of Body Experience.

Then you will view energy and this dimension from the ultimate level of awareness and truth and see the ‘golden thread’ that binds all life forces/energy to this ultimate truth.

We are energy.

We are one.

ONE is all there is.

A collective inter-galactical and inter-dimensional intelligence/energy where all things are known.

Welcome to the truth.

We are all one…

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By the #1 Psychic SOLLOG

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